the Russian foreign Ministry has expressed its surprise and the detention of 32 Russian citizens in Belarus. Why it was necessary to provide by criminals employees of a private security firm that openly used the Belarusian transit route – is not clear.

the Russian-Belarusian incident immediately tried to take Kiev. Ukrainian security services have demanded from Minsk to extradite the detained Russians, who, as announced in Minsk, informed to participate in the fighting on the side of the breakaway republics of Donbass.

the request of the Ukrainian intelligence services and the possibility of extradition of Russian citizens to the authorities of Ukraine, said Chairman of the Presidium of all-Russian organization “Officers of Russia”, the Hero of the Russian Federation major-General Sergey Lime. According to him, if Belarus will give Ukraine detained Russians, then on further cooperation with it cannot be considered.

– according to the information received, this whole situation with the detention of Russian citizens in Minsk reminds of farce, said Linden “MK”. – Ukraine wants Belarus to give her the Russians, and, it seems, is counting on a positive response. In this regard, I would like to remind that Belarus has always called itself an ally of Russia, and so now her behavior is, to put it mildly, weird.

According to him, evidence that arrived in Minsk Russians had any evil intentions against Belarus, no.

-our citizens on the contrary, has all the documents proving that they have followed through Belarus in transit to another country. For the ally of Russia is impossible in principle such behavior, and the more earnest discussion of the question of extradition of Russians in the hands of the Ukrainian security services, said Linden. – If it does happen, neither of which further cooperation could not be considered. This is a betrayal, and it will not even lead to cooling, and to the rupture of relations between the two countries.

the expert expressed the hope that the leaders of Belarus “enough conscience and common sense not to make such reckless steps.”