the heirs of the Creator of Sherlock Holmes Arthur Conan Doyle have filed a lawsuit against Netflix for violations of their rights in the upcoming movie about younger sister of detective. About it reports the Independent.

we are Talking about the TV series “Enola Holmes” based on the books by Nancy Springer. The main role is played by Millie Bobby brown.

In 2014, the heirs no longer receive royalties for the works of the detective, which was written before 1923, since the court declared them public domain. However, the plaintiffs believe that in the series there are references to dozens of stories by Doyle that have been created in the period from 1923 to 1927 years. The rights to them still belong to the family of the writer.

the Suit was directed against Netflix, movie company Legendary Pictures, publishers Penguin Random House, and writers Nancy Springer and Jack Thorne and Director Harry Bradbeer. The heirs expressed their protest in connection with “inconsistent use of original author’s manner” by Conan Doyle.

they Also believe that the series is shown “empathy and the attitude of the people”, characteristic of Holmes in the stories written after 1923.

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