Actor Maxim Matveev put in place subscribers who criticized his new image.

On August 31, the husband of Elizabeth Boyarskaya appeared before fans on Instagram in a new image. Matveev cut his hair and dyed it blonde with a yellow tinge.

The transformation was not to the taste of some of the actor’s subscribers, which they did not fail to inform him about.

Post by Maxim Matveev (@maxim_matveev_)

“It doesn’t go”, ” Noooooo. Get your hair color back”, ” Don’t…. not your style)”, ” Does not come from the word at all!”, “A brunette is better, more brutal”, “What a nightmare!” – they wrote to Matveev in the comments.

After a while, Maxim published another post in which he responded to everyone who spoke out against changes in his appearance.

” I have always believed that expressing my opinion when no one asks him, and evaluating a person’s appearance out loud is the height of bad manners and bad upbringing…”, he wrote.

Earlier, Maxim Matveev repeatedly experimented with the length and color of hair. For example, in early 2021, the actor appeared in front of fans with a pink “hedgehog” on his head.