Who has just not caught on such ambiguous behavior — and celebrities, criticizing “Apple” technique, and ordinary users, but from the head of one of the most famous “opponents” the Apple such waiting is not in the first place. However, founder and CEO Xiaomi lei Jun (Lei Jun) forgot to check the publish settings in the Chinese equivalent of Twitter — the microblogging service Weibo — and made a record that the system treacherously signed a “posted with iPhone”.

Apple products are very popular in China, especially among affluent segments of the population, which, undoubtedly, is the Director of the highly successful and world renowned smartphone manufacturer. In addition, one of the top managers of the company spoke out in defense of his boss. As written by Gizmochina, pan Zhi Tang (Jiu Tang Pan) said that Jun regularly use an iPhone, as it seeks to be aware of all the latest trends in the market. In addition, in the opinion of the head of Xiaomi, there’s nothing wrong with that, to get acquainted with the technique of competitors, because “innovations and technical solutions are often copied and then improve.”

Among fans of the brand on social networks is to be expected, heated debate is whether such behavior is hypocrisy. The flames were fanned by the fact that pretty quickly discussed the post was deleted and posted again with the smartphone Xiaomi Mi Pro 10. Commentators have accused the lei in the betrayal of trust, because users now have the example, when the head of the company instead of own products is products a direct competitor. And because the requirements for security and reliability of such gadgets as smartphones, high-ranking individuals above, and to interpret this act can like Jun doesn’t trust personal and work data Xioami.

In addition, this incident has again prompted a wave of controversy which is better — Android or Apple. Moreover, the second camp has another “dirty” argument. In fairness, it should be said that Xiaomi always liberal attitude to the choice of smartphones by employees and are not forced to use only their products. Moreover, a similar situation has already got top managers, perhaps, all Chinese brands including realme and Meizu. In any case, the critics Xiaomi finally got some explanation of why proprietary software smartphones of this company are similar in appearance to iOS.