“it is Important to increase the requirements of the users of car-sharing services. For example, by prohibiting to drive the rental vehicle, if the driver was repeatedly observed in illegal driving behaviour,” said the General.

According to him, this can be realized by creating careregular companies database offenders. If necessary, they can route requests to the traffic Police to check a driver on the subject of deprivation of rights management and the presence of gross and systematic violations of the rules.

“the increase in the number careregular transport naturally led to the fact that the people driving rental cars, were more likely to get into an accident”, – said the head of the traffic police. – “He (the driver of the car-sharing – ed.) mistakenly believes that traffic rules when driving the rented vehicle to comply with not necessarily. This, of course, mislead.”

Mikhail Chernikov noted that, according to statistics, in the accident young car sharing users, “who because of their age or little experience driving I think that “impersonal” the car can be operated in the most rigid form”.

the head of the state traffic Inspectorate reported that every third fatal accident occurs due to leaving the lane of oncoming traffic.

“just Look at the figures for the last five months. The main causes of mortality are traffic violations by drivers of vehicles, which led to the deaths of almost 85 percent of road accidents. Every third is connected with departure on a strip of oncoming traffic, a fifth – violation of the speed limit, every sixth violation of the rules of the location of vehicles on the roadway”.

with the beginning of the year issued about 40 million regulations on fines for speeding 20 to 40 km/h.

“If you look at the statistics of this year, 5 months most often drivers received fines just for speeding 20 to 40 km / h (39 million of administrative fines). For exceeding from 40 to 60 kmh, with 1.1 million”, – said Mikhail Chernikov.

He noted that one million of fines for this period was issued for unfastened seat belt. With 3 million times the drivers have ignored road signs and markings and 1.2 million stop line, red light.

“More than 85 percent fines rendered it the system fotovideofiksatsii. Obviously, cameras on the roads disciplinary drivers”, – said the head of the traffic police.