“Hospital drugs simply resold by unscrupulous employees of medical institutions. Labeling identifies such schemes, making the drug market transparent and, therefore, everything falls into place”, – said the head of Department. He noted that it is a major and visible result of marking, which allows to identify the pharmacies medicines for delivery to patients in hospitals. “The shortage of, and price increases, labelling, by definition, can not cause” – said the Minister.

Denis Manturov explained that to prevent deficiency there are a number of mechanisms, including, should help companies, for objective reasons, are not labeled medications on time. So, according to him, foreign manufacturers can apply a means of identification on their medicines at the customs licensed warehouses for pharmaceutical activity. Such warehouses in Russia seven, the Minister said. In addition, he noted that the Russian and foreign manufacturers can apply to the Interdepartmental Commission under the health Ministry to obtain approval for the importation or introduction of drugs without any means of identification. He recalled that these mechanisms apply to medicinal products made before October 1, 2020.

as for the cost of labeling, stressed Denis Manturov, the operator marking – Centre for development of advanced technologies (CRPT) – bound free, that is, at his own expense, provide codes for drugs is not more than 20 rubles. “But in the expensive segment of drugs the cost of marking 50 cents for the code just doesn’t matter”, he said.