Work began in 2019. This has been concluded the state contract with the General contractor, OOO firm “Dortransservis”. Minister of construction, transport, housing-and-municipal and road economy of the Republic of Armenia Valery Kartamyshev informed the RA President about the work done. As part of the road is in a mountainous area, serious attention is paid to preparatory work. In the first stage were examined territory, carried out excavation work device of the lower layer of road base, installation of reinforced concrete pipes. Only done about 30 percent of the plan.

After the completion of the two-lane road section will correspond to category IV. Here are also created rest areas, emergency exits, and installed road barriers and signs.

the Head of Adygea instructed to synchronize all work with Krasnodar region and conducted in accordance with the agreed with the Federal government a schedule of the project.

Also in the Adygea Republic continues construction of the high road from Guzeripl to Lagonaki plateau. The total length of the road is 17.08 km, of them of 9.8 kilometer first start-up complex is scheduled to be completed in 2021. This will make it easier the transportation logistics for tourists ensure the accessibility of new areas of tourist attraction.

“it is important to fully ensure the safety of the road and, of course, environmental well-being of our region. This, in turn, contributes to the quality of life and investment attractiveness of the Republic of Adygea,” said Murat Kumpilov.