Popular British newspaper the Guardian included the Crimean fields of blossoming lavender and walking among the plants of the tourists in the top of the best photos of the week. About this on his page in Facebook said Alexei Mishin, head of the agricultural enterprises cultivating this efironos in the Bakhchisarai district of the Crimea.

The Guardian was supplied by the Crimean photographer Alexei Pavliska the following caption: “a Woman enjoys a stroll through the lavender field on a warm summer day in the disputed territory”.

This interpretation of the picture as a surprise to the Director of agricultural enterprises.

a Woman – Yes. Warm summer day – Yes. The disputed region – Oh no! – wrote a post Alexei Mishin. – It’s our Crimea, our Yalta, our field! And to argue on this subject for later.

this year’s lavender tourism in the fields of economy in Turhenjevka beats all records of popularity among citizens and tourists. Flowering lavender in the second half of June. At this time, the mass pilgrimage of people wishing to enjoy the extraordinarily beautiful spectacle of blooming lavender fields. According to the head of the farming enterprise, some days a field area of 120 hectares was visited by 10 thousand people. For all comers entrance and photo shoot among purple flowering remain free and free, provided that people don’t harm plants and leave no garbage behind. Meanwhile, in France the lavender tourism annually brings the owners of fields 1.7 billion euros, not including income from production and sale of lavender oil.

In recent years, the industry is growing ether-bearing plants in the Crimea began to revive. Today in the Republic at least four large and several small enterprises engaged in the production of essential oil from raw materials of lavender, sage, roses and other ether-bearing plants. This year industry for the first time will receive government subsidies for the establishment of new plantations. This is done in the Crimea essential oils are in demand in the European market. Manufacturers sell their products in Germany, Austria, Poland and other countries even in spite of the sanctions.