Wednesday, July 29, celebrate international tiger day. On the eve of striped artists of the Great Moscow circus visited the correspondent of “Evening Moscow”.

In the arena of the Circus on Vernadsky Prospekt in the midst of daily rehearsal. Two red tiger Kurt and Eric, and two white Aya and Lola performing team of Edgard and Askold Zapashny. To control the situation in the arena, such as the time to bring the meat for the animals, the trainers help a few assistants.

Aya! Eric! Went. Kurt, to me. — Edgard Zapashny causes striped artists in the centre of the arena one by one, like schoolboys to the Board. Hello!

Three tigers synchronously turn belly up, stretch out, turn their heads to the side of the trainer. Now they look like little fluffy kittens. If not deaf, like the distant thunder roar that can sometimes be heard in the arena…

The tasks gradually become more complex. Here the tigers jump through the stack — pointer in the hands of Askold. Also in the queue. Discipline is very important here. But praise the animals do not forget.

— well Done! Clever! — encourages big cats Edgard Zapashny.

Tigers grandly seated on the perimeter of the arena. Everyone gets a hefty piece of meat. Spellbound watching the tigers eat.

Trainer-assistant Vlad Pike throws Kurt the big piece of chicken just in mouth! Rest is also get the Supplement. Finally snack over. The arena stand Cabinet, remove two tigers — Justin and Anita. They carry out the exercise pyramid, moving through each other on the dais in the center of the arena.

And here comes the most awaited moment. I was led backstage, at the entrance to the arena Askold takes my hand, and I go behind the net, separating the world of the viewer from the world of animal trainers and animals. Six tigers are still passionate about food. But many look at me speculatively. With the holiday, a great and terrible beasts!

— the Holiday is more for the human than for the animal — smiles Askold. — Tiger day — an occasion once again to draw attention to these beautiful animals, on the problem of species extinction.

And firecrackers and fireworks, most likely, would scare.

Some ask, but do we give them more meat in the feast — laughing Edgard. But this is not necessary, they are always well fed. Find the best gift for any creature — a long, happy life with no stress.


■ The day adult tiger needs to eat 7 to 9 kilograms of meat, for the year of 2.5–3 tonnes, which is twice more than the lion.

■ The Amur tiger is one of the rarest wild animals. It is included in the International Red book.

■ Each tiger on the back of the ears have white marks. According to one version, they help hunt, MeshaI’m the victim to track the eyes of a predator.