– Remember, as instructed academician Mikhail Alekseevich Lavrent’ev: people trodden path, then you need to make a track in here. Same thing here: people say “like”, then you need to do so, – said Andrei Travnikov during the inspection Zatulinskiy dispersed Park in the Kirov district of Novosibirsk.

the region’s Largest facility improvement in 2020 is created in the framework of the national project “Housing and the urban environment”. The Park will become the first example of a distributed public space.

– When implementing the project of creating a dispersed Park I was struck by the relationship between the residents, deputies, builders, designers, representatives of the city hall. This amazing unity, – said the Governor.

As reported in a press-service of regional administration, the idea of the project appeared in 2015. The initiative to create a unified space for walking, recreation, sports is owned by the residents. Zatulinskiy Park took second place in the ranking vote on 18 March 2018. This project gave their votes almost 25 thousand Novosibirsk.

the project received the support not only of the deputies and residents of the area, but the regional government. This year the regional budget allocated funds for the implementation of the project.

the Deputy of Council of deputies of a city of Novosibirsk Dmitry Kolpakov told the Governor that the nuances that arise during work, discussing with the residents on their initiative has already made a number of adjustments to the finished project.

– In the Park decided to keep the traditional grounds – for example, acoustic evenings, private green spaces. Even the tracks are laid along already trodden by the inhabitants of paths. Now the city’s residents do not have to change their routes during Hiking or Cycling – said the details of the project Deputy.

– In the implementation of such major projects as the dispersed Park, construction of clinics, schools, important joint constructive work with the representatives of the municipal, regional authorities, – said the Deputy of city Council Sergey Trubnikov.

Now in the Kirov region have started work on repair and reconstruction of roads, construction of playgrounds and sports grounds, will soon begin the construction of a modern clinic – one of seven as part of a major PPP project.

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In the first phase of the project to create Zatulinskiy dispersed Park is a reconstruction site “Zatulinskiy town theme”. In 2021, the second phase of improvement. The idea of dispersed Park is that the green area is really arranged at some distance from each other, but United by a common concept. The Park includes Boulevard Petukhov, street Zorge and Gromov square “Union citizens”, “Zatulinskiy town attra��of tsionov” and five parkways along residential areas.