The government will support reoperation handling trash

“Measures will prevent the garbage collapses during the isolation of citizens in terms of increased volume of the collected waste and the reduction of a collecting of payments”, – stated in the message.

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According to the Deputy Chairman of the government of Victoria Abramchenko, it is necessary to prevent the risk of termination of services for garbage collection that may occur due to the increase in the volume of waste in the conditions of isolation of the citizens. The government agreed to compensate regional operators unforeseen expenses. In addition, now we consider additional measures of support in the form of partial compensation of interest rates on previously issued loans. “In current conditions, when the citizens demonstrated social responsibility and are in the mode of self-isolation, we must take all measures to prevent garbage collapse, especially in those regions where there are potential risks of bankruptcy of the operators of waste management. The population must have rendered services in full,” – said Victoria Abramchenko.

the Measures will be calculated from the amount exceeding the quantity of the waste generated over the established norms, which, in turn, was incorporated in the tariff of the regional operator for the provision of services for waste management. In her opinion, the allocation of funding and implementation of anti-crisis measures should take into account the actual efficiency of operators at the treatment of MSW, as well as possible interregional redistribution of load.

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the Regions of the country introduced the modes of isolation and restrictions for citizens and businesses through approximately April 30. While regional operators for handling MSW need to ensure the continued performance of their duties and to take out the trash from the public. “Anticipating difficulties in the form of possible non-payments in a long period of self-isolation, we have proposed to the Russian Government anti-crisis measures of support of reoperation, but systemic work it is important to continue together with experts”, – said the head of the Ministry Dmitry Kobylkin at a meeting on systematic support of reoperation TKO.

According to the head of the Association “Clean country,” Ruslan Gubaidulina, has already begun to receive serious signals from the territories of decrease in payments in April. According to the “Russian ecological operator” (“REO”), the non-payment of the population currently associated with the isolation of the payers, and the closure of buildings IFC and IARC, which usually personally made the payment of utility bills, and online payment is not yet being used by all.

Photo: Sergey Bobylev/TASS it Became known as often have to disinfect the house entrances

According to the statistics of the public organization “Green patrol”, in cities, the public online service paid about 50%, the other half of the population – through the terminals of the savings Bank, “Mail of Russia”, banks. In rural areas these local payment methods that recently are not available for the population, enjoys even greater percentage of the population – up to 85%. Due to the suspension of work credit banks, branches of mail of Russia regional operators unable to disastrously low percentage the collection, predicts “Green patrol”.

“in March, the company’s regional operators have felt the effects of the quarantine. Figures for March, the collection rate for waste disposal has declined on average in Russia to 70% instead of 85%. Sharply aggravate the situation of the quarantine measures. The treatment of MSW is an activity that cannot be temporarily suspended. Projected cash collections during this period could fall below 30-40%, i.e. more than half,” – said in a statement.

Photo: RIA Novosti Calculation of standards on utilities can change

Among the emergency anti-crisis measures to support reoperation already taken two: providing interbudgetary transfers to the regions to cover shortfalls in income of reoperation in the amount of 20% of gross revenue required in the next three months and compensation for lost income to the banks for loans issued by the regional operators at a discounted rate.

as additional measures the Ministry of environment has suggested three: the postponement of the payment of all obligatory payments by reoperation this year in December 2020, the establishment of a zero VAT rate for the service of resperator and differentiation this time is the accumulation of MSW depending on waste generation volumes and their types.

the Rules of granting and distribution of subsidies from the Federal budget to the regions for the purchase of containers for MSW, including separate waste collection, are the final agreement of the Ministry of Finance.