Mass testing for coronavirus all of the 11 million inhabitants of the Chinese city of Wuhan will be completely free. This is stated in the report of the Committee on health of the city.

Authorities took the decision to hold a screening of the entire population of Wuhan after in may, there were revealed new cases of infection, RIA Novosti reported. Testing has already begun. The priority is the residents of those areas, where previously was the foci of infection, the elderly and areas with high population density. According to the test results doctors will only communicate with those who have a positive result.

In Wuhan ninth of may, has revealed a new case of infection with coronavirus and 16 asymptomatic carriers. This was the first time after a long break – s the fourth of April there was no information on new patients, 18 April, the city was recognized as a district with a low level of threat, and on 26 April from the hospital of Wuhan was discharged the last patient with coronavirus infection.

Recall that in late December 2019 in Wuhan for the first time it was recorded caused by a novel coronavirus the disease. Later, it spread beyond mainland China, covering almost all countries of the world. For all the time of the epidemic in Wuhan were detected for 50.3 thousand cases of infection, 3.9 thousand people died.