The government of the Russian Federation made a statement on measures to protect against coronavirus

the Russian Government issued a statement on measures to combat the novel coronavirus. “The current situation is a challenge to the entire community and requires the most concerted action,” — said in a statement.

Russian and international doctors found that the vast majority of cases of novel coronavirus infection have been mild. Deaths from a new virus is significantly lower than that of previous epidemics of SARS coronaviruses SARS/SARS (9.6 percent) and middle East respiratory syndrome (36%).

But older people are more likely to carry a new virus disease with severe complications.

“Today the situation is characterized as a global pandemic. This is one of the worst global crises in health care over the last 50 years,” reads the government statement.

But Russia has a great experience of combating epidemics, there is a huge medical resources to fight infections.

“the established service of ensuring sanitary and epidemiological well-being, financial support for research and development in this area Russia has considerable resource to responding to such threats,” said the government.

Authorities have organized testing of all entering the country citizens from countries infected with a new virus, and individuals who had contact with guests.

the Russian test systems provided all institutions in the country. The country has replenished 700 thousand test systems. In Russia production is established test capacity of 100 thousand tests per day. “The deficit in the diagnosis, no,” said the government.

To reduce the risk of disease, the government recommends to limit contact, and the onset of symptoms – runny nose, dry cough, temperature is not to leave the house and immediately call a physician. The results of paid sick leave simplified.

Authorities have limited transport withthe message with foreign countries. “If necessary, restrictive measures will be adjusted based on analysis of the epidemiological situation in foreign countries”, — stated in the government of the Russian Federation.