The government of Belarus approved the master plan of Pinsk

the Archive of the chronicle preserved the tradition that thirteen centuries ago near the village of Gorodishche was founded one of the oldest Slavic settlements found on the territory of Belarus. It is often regarded as the predecessor of the modern city, which for unknown reasons was moved to another location.

the General plan, said BelTA Belarus has developed the project organization and provides for the city development strategy until 2025. And to ensure the implementation of large-scale transformations charged the city authorities with the support of the Brest oblast Executive Committee.

In the coming years, according to the approved documents, to ensure sustainable development and to identify the areas of the city based on social, economic and environmental factors, aimed at improving the quality of the urban environment, the conservation and regeneration of historical and cultural heritage, the development of engineering, transport and social infrastructure and the interests of the citizens.

the master Plan, said the Agency, adopted in accordance with the law “On architectural, urban planning and construction activities in the Republic of Belarus” and shall come into force after its official publication.