The government insists that the use of surgical masks is reserved for the sick and for the caregiver. That is a prime Sophie Wilmès, and the minister of Health, Maggie De Block said Thursday it is in the Room. There are also few surgical masks around all of it to be provided, the prime minister admitted.

“I don’t understand people’s well-being, as well as possible, want to be able to guard against the corona virus, which is a legitimate concern. However, according to the Wereldgezondheidorganisatie (WHO) – and our experts share the opinion that, the surgical masks are reserved for people who are sick and those who care for them,” said the prime minister, on Thursday.

“Even if it would be of interest to the population as a whole in order to wear a mask, it would be that it is not currently feasible. I would like to remind you that there is a shortage on the world market,” said the prime minister.

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Also, for the Block repeat her point of view. “We will continue to remind you that we are scientists and the WHO, on the following: surgical masks < / I> for, editor’s note) to have little added value and may even create a false sense of security. Let them be reserved for the caring staff,” says Block.

the prime Minister, Philippe De Backer (Open Vld), who is currently the group chairman, who with the shortage of surgical masks and testing are to be rid of, pointed out that the government is indeed responsible for the quality of the surgical masks. He does not exclude the possibility that there may be occasional lottery tickets, with a mask of a bad quality, but that will be recalled.

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