the secret Queen is now: Not less than four Times Francine Jordi (42) will occur today Friday and tomorrow Saturday at the Swiss Federal wrestling and Alpine sports festival, no one is booked in the Central Switzerland better than the Berner blow star. And the train is already the fourth Federal where she is as a singer in the process. “This is a very nice vote of confidence,” says Jordi and raves about the unique atmosphere and the audience. “The mood of the Evil is always peaceful and happy.” In spite of the many people you have never seen quarrels. “Almost all of them with your mid-morning snack, including pocket knives! If I tell this in Germany or Austria, people think I’m crazy.”

The excitement is big

With your Labrador Theo, Jordi, was on Wednesday evening in the train on the way to get a first impression of the festival grounds. Far you not, everywhere I look, people take Selfies with her on the tour of the grandstand and the closed-off Arena, the excitement is great. “You see now what I mean”, she says.

the proximity to The oscillation of the sport has noticed Jordi small. “We have in the immediate family, even former wreath Schwinger,” she explains. The not be today, but active.” The Special to their performances in train: “The presence on the stage is longer than for my traditional concerts, namely one and a half hours.” In between there is a break of one hour. “It is quite demanding to be so long alone on the stage. Therefore, I have stepped up my physical training and muscle mass built up.”

Also in terms of program tuning are solid, especially the Federal, specifically: “At every concert I sing the national anthem. And always sounds a little louder, as if the ice-skating club Bern in the Playoff Final is.” Whether it is in Ticino, French-speaking Swiss, or Swiss-German: “Here all sing the national anthem enthusiastically.”

Even the mother is dancing on the table

in addition, the title must be-selection is mixed, Jordi wants to pick up with their songs, all language regions. “No concerts to listen, but to get Involved”, she announces. As the best example, she calls her mother Margrit, the state six years ago, in Burgdorf with at the time, 70 on a fixed Bank – so well it got her to like me. “This time, she has announced three concerts.” Jordis winning tip is from your Bernese origin explained: “I want to give Stucki chrigu see already,” she says, full of anticipation.