“Die Gute Nach(rich)t” is a BurdaForward podcast for a happy end to the day. We’ll tell you a bedtime story from this week. Five minutes to dream, let go and fall asleep.

War, skyrocketing food and petrol prices and now gas is also becoming scarce – many people are worried about the future. Some no longer want to hear or read the news at all because they fear for their own existence.

In order to break out of the worry hamster wheel, it is very important to switch off properly once a day, to mentally detach from everything and to find inner peace.

With the podcast series “Die Gute Nach(rich)t” we want to help you forget the bad things in the world for a few minutes in the evening and let go. And find yourself. Our speaker tells little stories of happiness. About something very beautiful that happened to someone in the world this week that you too can be happy about. Sometimes someone has made a great discovery or invention, sometimes an animal has experienced an unusual story. sometimes we give small tips that you can implement immediately.

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In today’s episode, Antonia Wilhelm tells you a beautiful animal story published by the animal shelter “Greenside Animal Hospital” in Johannesburg/South Africa. It’s about the little cat Ginger Biscuit, who was discovered in a sewer when he was six to eight weeks old. The animal shelter employees nursed the little one up in the isolation ward because it was unclear whether the animal was vaccinated. There was another patient in the ward: the bitch Anne, who sat in a separate cage.

In today’s story you will learn what Ginger did and how a wonderful friendship grew out of it. It is again accompanied by music from “Sinfoglesia”.

We suggest that you listen to our good news before you fall asleep, so you can relax and have a good night’s sleep. Let them work on you and let go inside: everyday stress, your problems, your gloomy thoughts.

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Here you can read the story of today’s episode again: Touching friendship: kitten and dog have been inseparable since the animal shelter

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