Actress Svetlana Svetlichnaya told the details of the incident on the shooting that almost cost her her life.

His story she shared with the TV channel “360”. Honored artist of the RSFSR was invited to play for certain programs, which she accepted with the condition that will be removed not at his apartment. On the appointed day Svetlichnaya rang the doorbell, she went outside where she was waiting for the TV crew and prepared for her chair. The actress sat down and began to gather my thoughts for the upcoming conversation, suddenly fell on her iron pole.

the Goal was to get rid of me forever, — said the actress.

Svetlichnaya lost consciousness and when she awoke, she had a headache, hand and spine. The crew had not provided her with no help and simply disappeared. No it is not paid any compensation and not even a phone call.

Thought I will not survive, but I survived — said Svetlichny.

Doctors diagnosed her with a concussion. The actress still goes to the doctors.

I don’t know what I ordered — said Svetlichny

The actress believes that such accidents on the TV can’t be, as there are professionals. If the incident was not caused by someone’s malicious action, the person responsible for shooting people “have to drive”, said the actress.

Wrote previously Svetlichnaya accused employees of “Let them talk” in the theft of large sums of money. She reported that the month was in isolation, never been out, and discovered missing after the visit, program staff, when going to go to the store. According to Svetlana Svetlichnaya, she stole about 750 thousand rubles.