Your style this team had broken through to the headliners of the alternative stage, called Noir-chanson (with reference to the French, nothing to do with not having thieves ‘ songs). Definition of conditional: in songs involved a huge number of different styles, they are United by a powerful rock-n-roll drive, so the team is quite fits in the line-up of leading rock festivals. Recently, its members have performed at large-scale the online-marathon “I’ll be waiting for my music” in support of the concert industry, which looked at more than a million people, and scored the highest number of views of the speech in the moment.

recently, the band released the album “Past. Wounded. Killed”, which many listeners and critics have rightly called the best album of the band for all the years of creativity. This is a deep, emotional, sincere, multistylistic work is the revelation of the 12 tracks that are built as a single story, the confession of the protagonist rupture of the aorta. I hear something in the songs by Vladimir Vysotsky, something from Mayakovsky to the lyrics in its structure. The artists managed to play a few gigs during the tour in support of the album prior to the lockdown, and then had to interrupt the tour.

“W.” I talked to the bassist and co-founder of the team Sergey “Sergeyitch” Silaeva about last online-the marathon, the format of speeches and plans for the future that the musicians are building in isolation.

– Tell us why you decided to join the campaign “I will wait for my music”?

– We liked the idea of the marathon — to make it clear to every listener: he is able to protect the domestic concert industry from final ruin, on the verge of which she is now. To transfer the audience from the category of passive consumer into the category of a full-fledged partner. I was close to the principles of the DIY-scene, where everyone is in place and is part of a single organism. The organizer runs the risk of making a concert often on their savings, hoping to discourage them, musicians record albums, perform and give the audience a show, and the listeners support those groups that are close to them, buy tickets and merch, thereby giving life to all what is happening. All aware of their important role in the process. I guess this is the commercial of the concert industry, nothing remains but to adopt the principles of DIY.

does Not restrict you during online presentations, the absence of live contact with the audience?

– said Sergey Vasilevsky, we played like it was set on the main stage at the biggest rock festival of the country. Nice review. We tried to ignore the empty hall, to tune in to the live concert. “Refining” is largely live��where the group. Each touring season we play many concerts throughout the country, so we have enough experience and professionalism to simulate the internal situation of a live performance. Judging by the reaction of the audience in the chat of the festival, the audience felt it too. In addition, we have always been and remain an independent team — began his career as a club group, and the first time it happens sometimes that a small St. Petersburg club we played for a few people. If the game is still at full capacity. In a sense, we’re 20 minutes went in a time machine in 2012. An interesting experience that once again demonstrates you yourself: a concert is essentially an internal drive.

– How did the situation on the activities of the group?

– All this is very hurt the team. March 13, we released the album, which was supposed to go on the biggest tour in the band’s history. And literally the same day around started a terrible panic. The album and preparing for tour we have invested a huge amount of work, energy, equity funds and, of course, are pinned on this tour hopes. All this did not happen, and it’s a damn shame. We get a lot of listener support, but the overall situation is deplorable. That is why we participated in the marathon.

– it supports you emotionally now?

– the First week we just stayed at home and not even called — so everything was suppressed. Now the omission has been interrupted and we start to work on new material. Will it be possible to record in the near future is another question. We still hope that it will be possible. We are very closely watching the news, waiting for the lifting of restrictions, and our management is actively working to postpone the concert. We hope that this will happen as early as possible.