Moscow Rapunzel – 6-year-old Sonia (name changed – ed.) who all his life spent in the perinatal center on Sebastopol Avenue, was transferred to a foster family. On Sunday, may 3, told the “MK” the lawyer of the clinic “Mother and child” Anatoly Kleymenov.

it is Noteworthy, that in turn, the lawyer of the mother Sonia explained that the baby is still in the center.

the Girl gave the foster family a few weeks ago. New parents most likely were tested to determine whether they have the coronavirus. It was a condition. When it became clear that the new family no one is sick, the child is transferred to education – said the “MK” Kleimenov.

Perinatal center at Sebastopol Avenue, where she was a heavy sleeper, though, and was not converted into a coronavirus of patients, however, in a pandemic, remains a potentially dangerous place. Including from the staff of the centre sounded the alarm.

moreover, it seems that the quarantine would be beneficial for the process of adaptation of Sony in a new family. After all, a girl his entire life spent in isolation from the outside world. So the transition to a different reality will not be so sharp.

it is Noteworthy that the lawyer mother of the girl Tatyana Maximova was not aware of the latest developments:

-when was This? I don’t know. Everything in isolation, said while the quarantine, no one child will not touch, – said the “MK” lawyer Olga Lukmanova.

the lawyer explained that it maintains relationships with its doveritelnyi, which, according to her, knows nothing about to transfer her daughter to a foster family.

Recall that the girl’s parents Tatyana Maksimova and Yury Zinkin almost immediately after the birth of her daughter sent her to the clinic because she was born premature and needed help. Sonia’s parents were quite affluent and could afford the expenses for a private room, equipped under a children’s room, Babysitting, restaurant menus and even a whole floor for active play.

However, a year ago the situation got out of control. Despite the fact that the girl was stronger, the parents do not hurry to take Sonya home. The staff of the perinatal center first turned to the father. However, the man said, making repairs in the apartment, and then sent employees to the “mother baby”:

– Yuri Yurievich said: “the child is the mother. Care do not frighten me, I have no kids in school, all home schooled, because there are drugs…”. When I called the child’s mother, she’s in a rude manner said, he was not asked to revive the child, — said the employee of the centre in the Presnensky court, which in early February was a question about the restriction of parental rights zinkina and Maximova.

Then the court sided with the officials. However, even this turn of events did not repent of the parents. At the end of March in case there was a watershed moment – the Moscow city court considered the appeal of parents on a sentence of Presnensky court. The court rejected it and betrayed the child in guardianship, who found sone new parents.

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