Personal trainer and blogger revealed to subscribers of the secret harmony in the pictures and became famous in social networks. Her posts drew attention in the Daily Star.

According to Madalin of Giorgetti (Madalin Giorgetta), sometimes revealing photos may shock users. As evidence, it published a collage, which demonstrated the first failed, and then the best body position for pictures.

So, in the first frame the girl is relaxed, showing the folds of fat on the sides.

the photo in the middle of blogger rests his buttocks on the wall, visually, thereby reducing legs. In addition, she pulled her underwear to the waist, to highlight her. Georgette also chose a good angle: she took a selfie from above. Due to this position her figure seem slimmer.

In the last picture the girl’s straining stomach muscles and taking a photo of yourself from below, in connection with which her body looks wider.

Photo published @madalingiorgetta

In the description of the publication, the coach called on followers not to feel ashamed of his body and not let the supposedly perfect photos in social networks affect self-esteem. Members thanked Georgette for your candor, and praised her for propaganda bodypositive. “I like these posts because they make me more confident in myself!”, “I was shy about photos with bad angles, but thanks to you, the situation has changed, thank you!” “Thank you for your honesty, you look wonderful” — spoken by fans.

In July, an American blogger began to teach fans to pose correctly and is recognized in the network. Bonnie Rodriguez Krzywicki (Bonnie Rodríguez Krzywicki) regularly places collages, which shows photos taken from different angles. Thus it shows how the position of the body in the frame can affect the impression of the image.