A girl posted a video in which she dances in a costume similar to the clothes of a Minister of the Catholic Church. The entry is accompanied by the phrase “when they want to please his religious grandmother.”


Publish from ✨ Y A N A ✨ (@websamka) 18 May 2020 11:35 PDT

According to radio station “Moscow speaking” the author of the video, presented by Jana, soon she began to receive threats.

“Threaten people with fake accounts, mostly in written form, but there was a voice message is long. Began to receive threats after my video went viral (somewhere between 14-15 may). To a real attack on the street did not reach, but I rarely go outside and go to the mask”.

Ian said that he had filed a police report in electronic form, but in the absence of reaction of law enforcement bodies intend to apply in person.

“I wrote a statement on the website of the Ministry of interior and attached evidence. Waiting for a call to discuss the details of the incident. Until I called about my problem. If over time there is no response, I will address personally.”

In March it was reported that the examination found no signs of extremism in the post Alena Vodonaevoy. The TV presenter called the police because it is published in Instagram. Vodonaeva urged followers to first “earn money and then think about motherhood” and not to listen to politicians. She later made another recording after the news about the payment of maternity capital for the first child. According to Vodonaevoy, similar measures of support will be a stimulus to give birth to several children “for cattle, which is not enough for a bottle of vodka”.