Previously the Minister of energy Alexander Novak said that Russia will complete the construction of the “Nord stream-2” on their own by the end of this or early 2021.

Now in the Baltic sea are two Russian pipelayer – “Academician Chersky” and barge “Fortuna”, which have all permissions and technical ability to complete the work. For laying pipes will take at least three months, but work has not even started.

the Amendments still should pass approval in the Senate, which has its own more stringent sanctions project, and to obtain the approval of the President of the United States. The financial year begins in USA on October 1, but judging by the speed with which had been adopted these amendments in the Congress (less than two days), tighten final solution is planned.

the approval of the house of representatives of the affected companies, which will give courts involved in the construction, insurance services, technical assistance and even room for upgrades. The Senate draft provides sanctions against organizations that give permission to put the pipeline into operation.

the Sanctions began for the United States – one of the largest suppliers of LNG tool to gain competitive advantage, including to the detriment of European consumers, said the Deputy head of the national energy security Fund Alexei Grivach. In his opinion, a very important reaction in Europe, because we are talking about the protection of sovereignty. But the EU has no plans to respond. Moreover, in Germany, began to say that the country was in isolation because of the support for the construction of Russian gas pipeline. The EU faces a stark choice – to fall under us sanctions, allowing operation of the pipeline, or to recognize its dependence on the United States.

“the construction of the pipeline will be completed, albeit with delay, despite pressure from the United States,” – said General Director of “MC Sputnik – capital Management” Alexander Losev. He is confident that Europe needs stable supplies of energy resources, take countermeasures to protect its business and economic interests.