To the people and the country did not forget about this debt to take care of the younger generation accompanied us in all the cases, seven decades ago, was established one of the most warm, sincere and humane holidays – international children’s day. By the way, the initiative to proclaim June 1 “children’s day” was proposed in 1949 at the Moscow session of the Council of the International democratic Federation of women, so the capital of Russia can rightfully be considered the birthplace of this wonderful holiday.

In today’s competitive world the country where they live intellectually developed, spiritually and morally rich, active, conscious of his dignity of citizens. And all these qualities are laid in childhood and adolescence. The country will tomorrow be, what are her children today. The truth, confirmed by the whole course of history.

For Russia, our people’s protection and upbringing of children has always been one of the pillars, which hold the morality, culture and Outlook.

we Can say that the gentle, spiritual relationship to the child remains our enduring value, which for many centuries unites us, gives us faith in the future, inspires and helps to achieve new heights. This has been reiterated by Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is committed to the issue of support of Russian children special personal attention.

One proposed amendment to the Constitution reads: “children are the most important priority of Russian state policy”. I am sure that this initiative will find support in the vast majority of our citizens during the upcoming nationwide vote. Such an amendment will improve the status, the significance of state policy in the field of childhood and family.

in fact, the proposed changes to the Constitution secured the continuation of the course pursued by the Russian government for the past 20 years. An important step here was the national strategy of actions in interests of children for 2012 – 2017, which has led to qualitative changes in this sphere. On the programme for the Decade of childhood to 2018 – 2027 years, the activities in the framework of national projects. Today they Benet Federal authorities, subjects of the Russian Federation, as well as nonprofit organizations, social activists and volunteers, which gives the project a truly national status.

the Fact that the social priorities of the state do not change under any circumstances, argue and unprecedented measures to support families with children, initiated by the President of Russia to mitigate the consequences of the epidemic of the coronavirus. They include, among other things, direct payments for each child.

But, of course, no state action, no issuearmor and perks will not replace the child the care and love that he receives in the circle of relatives. It is in the family, day by day, step by step the child acquires traits that will remain with him for life. It was there that he learns to see the difference between honour and baseness, truth and lies, attention and indifference. And in each Russian family today creates the future of the country, educated generation, who will become the main driving force of Russia. What is the legacy we pass on to our children and grandchildren, what values and moral principles put into their hearts, and their own fate and the fate of all our great and beautiful land.

We live in a world of globalization, rapid development of science and technology, business. However, technological progress creates not only new opportunities to improve the lives of people but also challenges. One of them is a threat to the dominance of technocratic and pragmatic thinking and behavior, when the cornerstone of the economy, business, activities of the authorities are rationality, efficiency, profit.

These criteria are, of course, important and necessary. But they should not be self-sufficient. For society is not less important adherence to the values that underpin our civilization. Such as goodness, justice, happiness, health, caring for others and helping them, citizenship, honesty, love of country. They give meaning to the lives of people, direct scientific and technical progress in the direction of social progress.

I Consider it very important to secondary school, and vocational education of our country increased attention to the formation of these values, making them an integral part of the spiritual and moral character of the children, Teens, boys and girls. Undoubtedly, it is necessary to carefully ensure that in the process of learning the proper place was occupied by humanitarian and social studies. I mean not only the number of hours spent on them, but the quality of their teaching. In recent years it has become much better, however, as they say, is over what to work. First and foremost – not be confined to textbooks to get rid of focus lately, to make better use of literature, art, museums, libraries. The benefit of modern information technology provide the most wide open space.

Today, it is difficult to overestimate the educational role of schools and teachers. Our legislation clearly States that “education is the single purposeful process of education and training”. President Vladimir Putin submitted to the State Duma amendments to the Law “On education in Russian Federation”. He proposes to expand the concept of education of students, to Supplement, to strengthen it in terms of the formation of patriotism and citizenship, SWagenia to the memory of defenders of the Fatherland, to the rule of law, the working man, to the older generation. Hope for a speedy adoption of this law.

As he wrote the Russian philosopher Vladimir Soloviev: “the one charm of the children for us special, human, the beauty is inseparably connected with the assumption and hope that they will not that we will be better than us.” And this hope will come true, if you treat children with warmth and tenderness, to continue to do everything to the life of every child was happy and bright that it was no place for troubles and sorrows, to children’s laughter sounded in every home.

congratulations! With International children’s day!