To the Person Werner Weidenfeld , Born in 1947, is a Professor Emeritus of Political science. Weidenfeld is Director of the center for applied policy research, Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich and rector of Alma Mater Europaea of the European Academy of Sciences and arts (Salzburg). From 1987 to 1999 he was working for the Federal government as coordinator for German-American cooperation.

MIRROR ONLINE: , The CSU in Bavaria is a historical Bust, yet fierce, it made the SPD. Is obsolete, the concept of the people’s party in Germany?

Werner Weidenfeld: We are experiencing a turning point in the party system. The traditional parties have lost in dramatic Form, their binding effect. The CSU hitherto seemed immune to what have previously experienced the CDU and the SPD. But now, the CSU is covered by this wave.

MIRROR ONLINE: , the Greens Are on the way to the new people’s party?

Weidenfeld: , The Greens are a bourgeois party. We all want to protect the nature and save the climate and so on. And otherwise, we are friendly and smile. In order to be able to identify many of them.

MIRROR ONLINE: you do not sound

Weidenfeld: convinced … But – because it gives you success but more than just the answer to one or other programmatic Detail-Position.

MIRROR ONLINE: Is rethinking the CSU in accordance with this result, even new ways to go?

Weidenfeld: Of the fate of the CSU. When the CSU says: awww, that was sad, but actually, we’re the real Bayern party, then you will go the way of the last few years. Namely, down. The old Bavaria, on which the party relies, and that it is no longer so. In recent years, many people are traveling, by the way, also from Germany. So is the old Bavarian tradition of society. But yesterday evening, one could reinterpret experience, how well the CSU is in the mood for. And, how hard it is to draw conclusions. Because it was then suddenly that you have lost so much. Only ten per cent, loss, as good as nothing. If this continues, it would be fatal for the party.

state elections in Bavaria in 2018 Preliminary result total outcome of vote shares in percent of CSU 37,2 -10,5 SPD, 9.7 in–10,9 Free voters of 11.6 +2,6-Green 17,5 +8,9 FDP, which is 5.1 +1.8 Left 3,2 +1,1 AfD 10,2 +10,2 Other 5,4 -3,3 distribution of seats a Total of: 205 majority: 103 seats 22 38 27 11 85 22 SPD (22) Green (38) Free voters (27), the FDP (11) CSU (85) AfD (22) source: national election Director results in Detail

MIRROR ONLINE: A coalition with the liberal voters is likely to be. Coalition because, in truth, the CSU with the CSU?

Weidenfeld: Yes. The Free voters are flesh from the flesh of the CSU. Programmatically, the two parties have almost no differences. In recent years, the CSU has taken repeated initiatives of the FW, it is the additional year of high school, or the abolition of tuition fees.

MIRROR ONLINE: Why have a chosen people at all FW instead of CSU?

Weidenfeld: Because the Free voters are in a point in fact, unlike the CSU, you are a caring party, always on the spot. So you are all grown up. The FW does not convince your voters by a large, new concept. But because they are there, if the street lights in the village are not functioning.

MIRROR ONLINE: What changes are to be expected from such a black-and-orange Alliance?

Weidenfeld: This coalition is the easiest and most convenient solution, that is quite clear. Great changes there will be.

MIRROR ONLINE: The staff debate has postponed the CSU. Horst Seehofer, is still tenable?

Weidenfeld: no. What we are experiencing at the moment, is a staging that is planned on the day and the hour. On election night, yet not everyone has rejected a staff debate, in order to make himself the bogeyman that it has unleashed. Before the Hessen election on 28. October is not supposed to come anyway to an uproar. After that, it is serious. In the medium term is clear: Seehofer will not be CSU leader.

MIRROR ONLINE: And Markus Söder?

Weidenfeld: The will to survive. Söder has long urged for the renewal. Just as long as he has been deterred. Therefore, you can’t make it, only so short in the office, to the main culprits.CSU