The FSB and interior Ministry conducted a joint operation against clandestine gunsmiths

the Federal security service and interior Ministry of Russia jointly stopped illegal activity of a group of criminals have modernized civilian weapons in combat counterparts with a view to their sale. The criminal group consisted of residents of Karachay-Cherkessia and the Stavropol territory.

also Conducted operational-search activities and investigative actions in relation to gun buyers, reports the Center of public relations of FSB. Withdrawn from illegal circulation of three submachine gun (“PCA”, “Cedar”), nine pistols and revolvers (“PM”, “TT”, “CZ”, “Revolver”), four hunting carbine and rifles (SKS, “saiga”, “SVD”, “boar”), more than 20 kilograms of gunpowder, over 400 bullets of various calibers, as well as parts of weapons — guns, reels, trigger the mechanisms.

law enforcement officers dismantled two workshops on the restoration of civil combat properties of weapons and manufacture of ammunition, equipped with specialized equipment. All seized from criminals handed over to the research lab. According to their results will be adopted procedural decision.