the First match in this European qualification our team spent Thursday in Naples against Italy. The team that is not burdened with the decision of the tournament tasks (the Italians guaranteed a part in the Eurobasket final for the rights of one of the four host countries), but young and hungry for wins. Could be no doubt that the Russians are in for a hot reception in the Packed to capacity the Naples arena. The result of this technique, even with the lack of almost all the key players, speakers in parallel for CSKA, “Khimki” and “Zenith” in the Euroleague, still unpleasantly surprised. Major defeat – 64:83.

– today We showed his bad face, stated after the game the head coach of Russian national team Sergey Bazarevich. – Italy was in flames, and we knew that may be expected. They scored many three-pointers, and we have the ball flew worse, but when not pregnant, I need to play better defense! Finally got “-19”, although the difference was not so in the game. Just at the end upset too much, and we “finished off”. You need to extract something positive from this game to move forward… We must respond to defeat, and we will do this.

well, to respond, to keep the impact team under the leadership of Bazarevich knows how. And again she confirmed it three days later in Perm – in the match with Northern Macedonia.

On their second match in the tournament our team came out as favourites. This contributed to factor home court and, in particular, Perm – the city where the Russian national team still never lost (how can you not remember last year’s decider in qualifying for the world Cup against Finland, when we literally pulled out a victory, after a gap of 18 points). Plus, before the game the team joined naturalizeAmerican bath center Joel Bolombi and forward Vladislav Trushkin, released respectively CSKA and “Zenith”. So the seven thousand spectators who filled the local arena “Hammer”, waiting for the team to win.

But the expectations of the fans, as at the time, said Arshavin, this is the problem themselves fans. The beginning of the match and his first quarter is our gave. Yes, today’s Macedonia is not the same as before, when Antic and Machalaba played Russia for the bronze medal of Eurobasket 2011, but disciplined, learned – Yugoslav school of these guys, that is, in the genes. And the tournament situation (your first match of the Macedonians also lost at home to Estonia) obliged the guests to play to the maximum.

At the beginning of the second 10-minute Russian national team, to the delight of the audience, caught up with the opponent and took the lead. But the fracture itself didn’t happen. The hard-nosed Macedonians fought and clawed and every time, skipping the blow from the home side came back into the game. This is not to say that we played bad. Compared to the match in Naples, our team has acted with the necessary energy, the courage. What is Vitaly Fridzon! Veteran and team captain played in his younger years – scored (23 points), selected (7 rebounds), assisted (4 assists), was zdravosmyslova and even scored a block shot in the end.

Great supported Fridzon another representative of the “Lokomotiv-Kuban” Dmitry Kulagin (15 points + 7 assists + 5 rebounds). Other players – the same Bolombi, Grigoriev, Antipov, Valiev – at different periods of the match also contributed to the teams Bank. However, the price of this match, nervous tension, and of course fighting spirit of the Macedonians kept the intrigue until the last minute.

For fifteen minutes before the end, Russia was only 3 points. Still, the class of our players plus factor Pfermions with crazy support of masterbuilders did the trick. The final siren has fixed a victory of owners with a pretty desyatiletnij – 77:67.

– Probably not very beautiful it looked today, but in our situation it is difficult to achieve coherence, – said Sergey Bazarevich. – Moreover, Bolaboy and Trushkin with us, in fact, not trained. We took the risk, and to what extent it was justified. Roughness was, but the main thing for us was to play with fire and passion. In this respect, hall was very helpful and we eventually came to the difference which we are satisfied.

– have Poured into the team fresh blood, today the guys played that so much time in the team received, – summed up the President of RBF Andrei Kirilenko. – I liked that they came out and were not afraid to play. For this team it was important to play boldly. Little experience, but the experience necessary to fill. It was a game for Vitaly Fridzon today. Dmitry Kulagin on your level of play, but Fridzon just jumped out and showed that the fourth youth, he started. The real captain.

– Understand the importance of this game after the defeat in Italy and seriously prepared, – said the chief man of the match Vitaliy Fridzon. – Long rocking, started hard as always, but the second half made the findings, zdorovogo and brought the match to victory. Ten points is a good difference. Yeah, I really felt. Say, the fourth youth. Why? I may reset to zero and start again from scratch! I don’t need to be written off.

After two rounds of the qualifying tournament for the Eurobasket 2021 team Russia in their qualifying group divides 2-3 places with Estonia (both have 1 win and 1 loss). The leader of Italy (2 wins), and closes a Quartet of Northern Macedonia (2 defeats). The remaining matches of the tournament will be held on 27 and 30 November (the Russians will play accordingly visiting Estonia and Italy) and in the following year, on 18 and 21 Feb (away from the North of Macedonia, and Estonia). In the final part of Eurobasket will be the three strongest teams of the group.