Toivo annus, co-founder of video communication service Skype, has died on 49-m to year of life, said his widow Kate annus.

According to “Fontanka”, the businessman and investor, died yesterday, July 12, as a result of “sudden illness”.

Clarifies that the funeral will be held in a narrow family circle.

Toivo annus founded Skype together with three friends. In 2005, after the sale of the company, each of them earned tens of millions of euros. In addition, he created a venture firm Ambient Sound Investments.

Earlier wrote that the wife of American actor John Travolta, actress and model Kelly Preston, who died of breast cancer, prefer to hide information about their disease. Travolta said about the death of his wife on his page in Instagram. So, Preston has died after a two year battle with the disease. According to the actor, soon he will make his children have lost their mother. Travolta also expressed gratitude to the doctors and nurses that have helped Kelly and her many friends and family that were with her.