Bernie Ecclestone, for the fourth time, father. The ex-F1, the owner is now 89 years of age.

Ecclestone and his 45-year-younger wife Sabrina were married in 2012. A few years later, this was followed by the departure of the Formula 1, were Ecclestone and his Brazilian wife of more than ever is the time for each other.

In an interview with switzerland’s Blick did Ecclestone do know is that his wife is in the anticipation of a little boy, and that is normally made in July will be born. This is just in time for the 90th birthday of Eccleston.

“After the departure of the F1, we had plenty of time to practice,” said Ecclestone, whose wealth of 2.5 billion Pounds is estimated to be.

“like all parents, we have only one desire, and that is that the baby is healthy in the world,” said Sabrina. “And I hope it will be then there is nothing in the Formula 1 is trying to do.”

as For Ecclestone, it will be the fourth child. Previously there were previous marriages, though She (now 65), Lebanon (35), Petra (31). Now, therefore, for the first time, who is to come.

‘ I had for more than forty years, the leadership of the king’s class of motorsport. In the beginning of 2017, the Formula 1 was acquired by Liberty Media. Ecclestone has three daughters from a previous marriage. He also has five grandchildren.

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