Bernie Ecclestone will let his light shine on the situation of Sebastian Vettel at Ferrari, and he sees little future for the four-time F1 champion.

Also, former F1-pope, Bernie Ecclestone does not escape the fact that he was in his dorm room and then have to keep on with the feline corona virus may, in the meantime, negenentachtigjarige British citizen without prejudice to his critical mind to bear.

He did, in an interview with the ‘F1 ‘ insider’, among other things, the difficult situation in which Sebastian Vettel is at Ferrari.

Vettel has been in a critical situation, and ends up at Ferrari, and this is due to the fact that, over the past few years, a few of the important bills at the top of this legendary brand have been introduced. Ecclestone suspects that Vettel is due to the new by Binotto is not one hundred per cent supported it will feel.

“Binotto is a very, very strong on the technical level,” said Ecclestone. “This is reflected in the fact that the engine is brilliant, in one way or another. But that also means that he is the right man to lead a team? He was always laughing, very friendly, it doesn’t matter if the sun is shining or it is raining, or a Ferrari, win or lose. That, but not right away sovereignty.”

Ecclestone also thinks that Ferrari also wants to place bets on Charles Leclerc, and that is the story of Vettel to the Scuderia at the end of its run.

“I think,” said Ecclestone, “the performance of Sebastian, has recently suffered from the new Ferrari line-up, with team-mate Charles Leclerc, whose manager is the son of FIA president.”

“I think he Binotto not have the support he needs in his current situation. Sebastian must, therefore, stop, or start looking for alternatives to 2021. McLaren, with Mercedes engines, could be an option.”

Or, how do the German, who, after four world championships with Red Bull and joining Ferrari in the footsteps of his great example, Michael Schumacher wanted to be the steps now, suddenly, in the exit state, then a fifth world title.

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