MOSCOW, may 3 – RIA Novosti. In the current context of pandemic coronavirus infection journalism has gained prominence, from the timely and accurate informing of the society lives depend, said the Russian foreign Ministry on the occasion of 3 may, world press freedom day, proclaimed by the UN General Assembly in 1993.

“In the current environment coronavirus pandemic journalism has gained prominence. Timely and accurately inform the society lives depend. It is important to guarantee journalists free access to information and its free dissemination. The media must comply with the principle of responsible journalism, publishing only proven and objective content,” – said the Russian foreign Ministry posted on its official page on Facebook.

the Ministry stressed that “Russia highly values the principle of freedom of expression and the media as a fundamental and inalienable element of democracy and open civil society”. “Our country attaches special importance to fulfilling its international obligations in safeguarding freedom of expression, unhindered dissemination of information and access to it,” said the Minister.

In the Russian Ministry drew attention that in the country great attention is paid to multilingualism in media, support regional media resources and national communities. “This is especially true for multinational regions such as Crimea where there are more than 400 mass media”, – said the Minister.

However, the situation with freedom of speech and freedom of the media in the world is deteriorating, stated the Russian foreign Ministry. “Fix the unprecedented scale of violations of rights of Russian journalists, continue to monitor carefully all such cases, promptly respond to them and to bring them to the attention of relevant NGOs and international organizations, including OSCE and UNESCO”, – said the Minister.

the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation recalled that the French authorities openly diskriminerad the Russian Sputnik and RT continue to hear calls to restrict the activities of the office RT Deutsch in Germany, in the United States introduced legislative obstacles for the activities of Sputnik and RT, as well as their American partners in the UK around the Russian media continues to escalate the atmosphere of hostility and mistrust.

“the Biggest concern is the media situation in Ukraine and the Baltic States. Kiev authorities carried out these repressions against the media and journalist profession is associated in this country with lives at risk,” – said the Minister. Still unsolved murders in 2014 in the East of Ukraine of Russian journalists Andrey Stenin, Anton Voloshin, Igor Kornelyuk and Anatoly Clan, said the Agency.

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