Article the newspaper the Washington post about the alleged “collusion” between Russia and the Taliban in Afghanistan is part of the internal party struggle in the United States, there are forces that are not interested in leaving Afghanistan, said the special representative of the President of Russia, Director of second Asia Department Zamir Kabulov.

“We have already commented previously, the publication of the New York Times. Too much hype is created around outright fakes, which even trump and his administration denied”, – quotes RIA “news” Kabulov.

According to him, is the continuation of inner-party struggle. Kabulov noted that in the USA there are forces that do not want to leave Afghanistan, “trying to justify your own failure.”

Recall, the New York Times argues that Russia, according to U.S. intelligence, allegedly offered to the militants associated with banned terrorist organization, the Taliban, the money for the murder of a military “coalition forces in Afghanistan.” Later, similar statements were made by the Washington post. The Russian foreign Ministry called the article The New York Times an injection of American intelligence.

According to the press Secretary of the White house kaylie Makineni, trump did not receive information that Russia allegedly offered money for the murder of US servicemen.

Trump said that he had received information from intelligence that information about the alleged Russia’s collusion with the Taliban is not trustworthy.

Radical movement “Taliban” has denied allegations that it allegedly received funds from military intelligence on attacks in Afghanistan.