US intelligence accused Russia of colluding with the Taliban involved in the drug trade, it is known to every Afghan in Kabul, said the special envoy of the President on Afghanistan, Director of second Asia Department at the Russian foreign Ministry Zamir Kabulov in an interview with "Vesti on Saturday" on channel "Russia-1".

"These countless kickbacks from the projects that were there, part of the same wonderful American intelligence that our accused of something in the drug trafficking. They have planes from Kandahar from Bagram fly without checking in anywhere – in Germany, in Romania. How could such a business. Every Afghan in Kabul you will tell, even the lazy ready on the subject to talk about. This mystery is an open secret that everyone already stuffed on edge. All waved as a given," said Kabulov.

Previously, the newspaper the New York Times, citing anonymous us intelligence officials published an article in which asserted that military intelligence of the Russian Federation has offered a reward associated with the Taliban militants for attacks on American soldiers in Afghanistan and that the US President Donald trump reported. Evidence was provided.

The Russian Embassy in the United States demanded from the authorities an adequate response to the threats made to the diplomats because of the news about Russia and Afghanistan. The Russian foreign Ministry called the media reports a fake. Trump called the article "paid". The white house, the Pentagon and U.S. intelligence said that the confirmation messages at the moment and that the trump they are not informed.

Trump stated that the story about the alleged Russia’s collusion with the Taliban were invented to harm him and the Republican party.