Chelsea player Willian is right now isolated on his own in London due to the coronavirus.

at the same time his wife and children at home in Brazil, where also Willian originally come from. And if it was to Willian, he was already in a plane on the way to Brazil for the sake of her family.

he explains to the brazilian media Globo SporTV, writes Telegrah.

“I have presented the situation of the club, and I’m trying to get permission (to take home, red.). I have heard from other players in other clubs that they have been allowed to go to Brazil,” he says.

Willian is on hold until Chelsea makes a decision about whether he should come home or not.

Brasilianerens family should really have been back in London now. But as a result of the corona virus is the Premier League suspended – the earliest up to 30. april, why his family has been in Brazil.

And so far the Premier League players, including Willian, isolation and must fit the physical form on its own. Something that Willian wants to do close by his family at home, as he also is concerned for the family’s well, he explains.

Willian has been in Chelsea since 2013 and has his contract this summer.