the First wife of the former Minister of open government Mikhail Abyzov – Ekaterina Sirotenko filed a lawsuit in the Khamovnichesky court to the former husband and the Investigative Committee of Russia with a demand to remove the arrest from its property. Earlier, the court partially lifted the arrest of the property of the accused in the embezzlement of 4 billion roubles of the official. The court managed to convince that the amount of seized property was much higher than the sane damage.

a Lawsuit from his ex-wife Abyzov has acted in Hamovnichesky court of 30 June and not yet accepted.

Ex-Minister, despite the divorce in 2016, could save not only friendly, but also business relations with his first wife Catherine. Ex-girlfriend, as Abyzov three children from his first marriage, are citizens of the United States. The family of ex-officer lives in different parts of the world – wife in Chicago and a 350-foot apartment in London, the son of Daniel in Tuscany in a Villa worth $ 4 million.

it is Known that Ekaterina Sirotenko graduated from the Department of nuclear physics of the MSU physics Department does business, owns a Cypriot company Eforg Asset Management Ltd., which is the sole shareholder of JSC “E4 Group”. She also owns the Moscow restaurants The Apartment and Isola Pinocchio. Her annual earnings is about 30-50 million rubles.

Mikhail Abyzov was arrested on charges of creating an organized criminal group and fraud of 4 billion rubles. Formally it is not connected with the activities of E4. However, in the media sounded that business relationship, ex-spouses maintained as before the arrest Abyzov and after.

We called the former wife Abyzov, the phone raised her assistant. He formally confirmed that such an action was indeed filed, but gave to understand that Sirotenko do not comment will be.

Refused to explain, and the lawyers of the former Minister. So, Sergei Drozd stated that it is only the criminal case of his client. And Alexander Asnis explained that “not aware of the situation and won’t be able to help.”

Recall that a year ago, court returned Abyzova of nearly 1 billion, refused to extend the arrest of certain accounts and assets of former officials. Then thawed were several accounts of Russian and offshore companies, as well as the eldest son Abyzova – Daniel. All were frozen assets of 20 billion rubles. For over hundreds of millions of shares of various companies and accounts of these structures. The lawyers argued that the arrest could paralyse work of the enterprises.

we don’t know what property to remove the arrest requires a court Sirotenko. She, like the ex-Minister, was registered in the 1st Obydensky lane, but the house has 5, while Abyzov shortly before his arrest bought an entire floor in the house 9. Perhaps we are talking about country houses, sopisannyh on children official.