The first husband of the Dormition told about sex behind the screen

Musician Victor Shumylovych said that they Love the assumption lived in a small apartment with her family and all their intimate life passed behind the screen. He stated that the program “is Based on real events”.

The shumylovych noted that the first time I saw the Dormition of singing on stage and fell in love.

“she has on stage was very interesting pants and boots. There seems to be boots and then the pants. I first saw these. It was a very beautiful stage outfit. I’m very amazed,” he said.

According to him, later, he made the assumption the proposal and they got married. After the wedding, which took place in Kiev, young settled at grandma’s singer.

“In the room were sleeping, grandmother, and great grandmother, and we are behind a privacy screen. Things young, so that we behind the screen was,” he described sex life in the beginning of their marriage, the Shumylovych.

According to him, he and his wife were very happy when she got pregnant. The doctors said that they will have twins. But in the seventh month of pregnancy, the singer fell on his stomach and, to save her and the children, the doctors called artificial birth. The twins were born at 7 months, one of them immediately died. Doctors have persuaded the assumption to sign a waiver and second child, saying that he has no chance.

The Shumylovych still hopes that his son was still alive.

“She told me, saw the kids lying in the box. They had hair, nails… One lived,” said he.

As reported by “the Rambler”, previously, the daughter of Lyubov Uspenskaya — Tatyana Plaksina in the program “the Stars aligned” on NTV accused’s mother that she locked it with a key, and even choked. The singer said that after a severe accident, which hit her daughter, “the mental state of the shaken”. Later it became known that Tatyana Plaksina apologized to the mother and left for the United States.