As it follows from its provisions, the first document on the newborn issued in electronic form in the hospital or other medical organization, which treated a woman after childbirth, will go to the personal page of the parents on the portal and at the same time will be sent to the organs recording acts of civil status, where they will issue a regular birth certificate of the child. Unlike a paper document, which parents are required to provide personally, the electronic equivalent will go to the Registrar without the involvement of citizens.

As with paper, electronic medical certificate of birth will draw on infants who were born no earlier than 22 weeks of gestation and with body weight from 500 grams and more. It is assumed that it is formed with the use of the information system of the medical organization or a state information system in healthcare. He will assign a unique 12-digit number and the series with it encrypted code of the Russian region, which is a medical organization.

to Replace paper medical birth certificate email will not work, if a pregnant woman is no document proving the identity. In this case, the testimony she will give out, and fill it with her words, which will be made a note of it. “If the medical birth certificate is issued on paper, the details of the results (date of issue, number and series) should be indicated in the register of medical certificates on birth,” from the provisions of the draft order.