the First day of June in the capital will be rainy and the air warms not above 12 degrees. This weather will resemble the end of April, according to the Weather Bureau of Moscow and Moscow region.

According to meteorologists, the new day of the work week will continue a series of rainy days in may. So today some places may fall to 5-7 mm of precipitation. The day temperature is from +6 to +12 degrees, on area in the morning and night hours – not less than +3. Average daily temperatures will be 5-6 degrees below normal. Increase the feeling of autumn chill North-East wind, in gusts it reaches 17 m/s.

Recall that according to the meteorologist, to +20 in the city will warm up to the fourth of June. And long-term calculations, in the Central part of the country the heat will come in the second half of this month. It is quite possible, after all on national signs, if on the first of June – Ivan-long pours, the whole month will be dry.