The first country in Europe opens the borders

In the Czech Republic lifted the ban on leaving the country imposed because of the pandemic coronavirus infection COVID-19. As reported TASS, said the Minister of health of the Czech Republic Vojtech Adam.

In December, as reported by “Rambler” in China, the outbreak started in the incidence of infection COVID-19, which causes the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. In March, the world health organization (who) declared the outbreak a pandemic. According to recent reports, globally the number of cases exceeded 2.7 million.

In the Czech Republic the number of cases exceeded 7.1 thousand people, the number of recovered is 2.1 thousand people, and the number of deaths has reached 210 people. On 12 March there was a declared state of emergency, and on March 16 — a nationwide quarantine.

Yesterday, dream announced the decision to cancel from April 24 prohibition of free movement in the country subject to the condition not to congregate in public places in groups of more than 10 people. Also the Czechs will be allowed to travel abroad. On return, they will have to prove the absence of a coronavirus infection the result of the analysis or to spend two weeks at home in quarantine.

In addition, on April 27 in the Czech Republic resumed the work of driving schools and shops with area of 2.5 thousand square meters and training in higher education institutions.