the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation on 5 August announced that it had sent to the Netherlands proposal for revision of the DTT in the direction of increasing tax rates on dividends and interest paid from Russia to 15%. Earlier, similar proposals had been forwarded to Cyprus, Malta and Luxembourg. With Cyprus a new round of talks, this time in Moscow should pass in the next two days, Malta and Luxembourg generally agreed on the Russian conditions, said earlier carp.

In contrast to Cyprus, the jurisdiction of the Netherlands was actively used not only by Russian groups and businessmen, but also foreign investors for investment in Russia.

In March, President Vladimir Putin said that all payments of income, interest and dividends, stretching from Russia abroad in an offshore jurisdiction, should be subject to adequate tax – not less than 15% (as charged to natural persons-non-residents in Russia). On behalf of the Ministry of Finance has begun the revision of the DTT with the jurisdictions through which most resources of Russian origin.