Color boilers as a source of power

Stäuble (50), TSV Mettauertal (AG): Actually looks like Erika Stäuble petite. More wiry than strong. But if the 50-Year-old the big, heavy stone on one Arm, the height of lifting, clearly shows how muscular the Turn-Elderly woman. In the Competition you are lifting 10 pounds – for the photo with Sunday view you to do five pounds more, so that the image looks impressive.

For the past four years, Erika makes with your club colleagues Nadja, Gaby and Luzia. “In our club, only we do not exercise four, the stone lift, the other can do it.” You train one to two Times a week, in addition to stone highlight your Association gymnastics from a Fit+Fun and other Games. Weights you are not lifting – how did Erika Stäuble then the force? She explains: “I work as a painter in the construction, since I carry a lot of heavy color boiler rum.”

half His life belongs to the turn Verein

FSG All ( – JU ): The red club-mine immediately reveals where he belongs: on the FSG All, a traditional gymnastics club-rich in the Jura. René Keller is wearing but Jeans. The gym pants, the 74-year-old Pensioner has stored some time ago. Had worn it for a long time: To 11. Time, the native of Canton Jura festival enjoys a Federal turn!

Five times he was as Active, other times as the President of the Association, the office he exercised for 17 years. The Sport is reduced when the sprightly Senior, while on the daily walks with his dog. For his gymnastics club, the current Vice President is always there. “The Competition I’ll leave that to the boys, but I’ll help where it takes me – in the kitchen, in the Committee or in the case of occasions like this,” says Keller.

He dedicate his life to the half of the turn Verein. Says and gathers the entire to Aarau-traveled group, including his son who wears the club flag for a group photo behind. Thrilled the basement calling: “This is my second family!”

bones instead of drumsticks

Roch (15), Vétroz Gymnastes (VS): thing is gymnastics in the Rochs family. Loannes mom, the coach, cousin, Eléa (18) is its counterpart on the stage. The girl from Vétroz in the Valais are dressed as skeletons – their bones are creepy removable and can fly, instead of the usual culling through the air. The current strong Wind announcing a storm over Aarau, it is not easy, the easy bone to throw accurately.

“delivery Nevertheless, it is quite good,” says Loanne according to the error-free demonstration of the balance sheet. A good sign, because your demands are high: Last year, the Hobby was a gymnast Swiss champion in the singles and Second in the pairs competition. “Better for me – it is the highest category below the professionals.” And also at the “Fête Fédéral” is not better: The two cousins get in their category prompt Gold!

Five breaks backwards somersault

Turnverein Siebnen (SZ): He’s wearing the T-Shirt of his gymnastics club in Siebnen. But that he is turning today, no somersaults, is obvious: Mischa Schranz is in a wheelchair – but fortunately only temporarily. It happened four weeks ago, at the first official Training for the Swiss Federal gymnastics. “In the ring gymnastics, I wanted to jump off with a backflip and fell over the Mat, hit hard on the floor of the gym,” explains the 15-year-old Horgen, of the for six years of art and for the past two years the device performs gymnastics.

The consequences of the fall: four-fold fracture of the middle bone in the left foot, the fibula is also broken. On the right he tore ligaments and suffered a bone opening. A minimum of three months Mischa has to pause. For the autumn races, he wants to be fit again, the qualification for the next Swiss championship. His club mates at the Festival in Aarau cheer on the ambitious Turner can, however, already now. His goal is to pack in six years for the next Chance.

The model remains Ronaldo

The established nine-year-old from Laufen is a turn-on, ever since he went to gymnastics with mommy to the Muki -. Nico is impressed by the huge Festival with many athletes and he finds it “mega cool” here. To do this, he is happy that he was discovered by Sunday-view as a sub around 70 000 participants at the the Federal, and select. The beginning of a big turn in your career? May not.

He jumps easily up to four metres, and, according to the club’s leadership is one of the Fastest in his class, as well as today’s pendulum relay shows. But the little powerhouse wants to be a better footballer, if he is as big and even stronger. In the football club can be reached Nico striker is. Be a role model: Ronaldo, who else.

for the seventh Time,

For the seventh Time, the full blood Turner Joerg Anliker takes part in a Swiss Federal gymnastics festival. The first Time he experienced it in 1984 in Winterthur when he was 15. “That there are parts of Switzerland so there are many different sports and so many people from all over the country together in one occasion, is something Unique in the world,” says the 50-Year-old.

He and his Club colleagues from the TV Wolhusen compete today in the subject of test all-round, where with small wooden rackets, Beach or Goba is played. This sports running athletics, it is a separate Department. “For the Polysportiven in turn associations,” explains Anliker, “it comes to ball game, reaction and dexterity.” According to the Association of betting the club will be cared for to fight life to one of the many festival stands up. Anliker: “in The evening we have it is also always very funny to each other …”

The purple Grazie

the striking, purple-coloured Tenüs you purchased, but even with rhinestones and tulle, decorated, fall on Fabia Lendi and her Gymnastics partner, Mona Nastasi from afar. And also on the stage, where they perform, their music under the old Exercises with long pink ribbons, make a very pretty, elegant, and graceful figure. “It could have been better,” says Fabia, still slightly out of breath, “I get a little too excited, to the whole performance.”

although it is only moderately satisfied, to exist ultimately, but that it can also be worse. At the end of the 25-Year-old and her club colleague, after two performances, the Tenth in a field of 29 couples. To participate in the Swiss championship in September at least the eighth rank was required. Not so bad – the Federal has still great Fun. The spectators cheering from the Fabia and Mona obviously!

James Bond is wearing the women on their hands

In his skin-tight James-Bond-Turntenü – high closed, and in a bow tie – comes Pascal Beauverd in the humid conditions under the roof of the tent up quite a sweat. In addition, he has just made to James Bond Songs such as “Skyfall” and “Golden Eye” trampoline jumps and Flicflacs, as well as a series of mastered women in the air. “I wanted to study something on a theme with special Costumes and well-known music,” says the 33-year-old Vaudois who is also the coach of the combination of Yvonand.

Previously, under a different name, was his club group, which consists of women and men between 15 and 38 years of age, already five times Swiss champion. Beauverd: “This year, no SM will be held. For us, it’s more about showing a good Show and to recommend us for Galas and other turn of events.” In Germany and Italy, they took the James Bond number. Now 007 has also achieved the license for the Federal.