the fate of an election winner: rushes no Matter what the date, Regula Rytz (57) these days, just in time the President of the Green will never make it. The whole of Bern wants her shaking suddenly, the hands, a Meeting joins to the next.

17 seats have been won by the Greens in the election Sunday of the year, in the Council of States could well come a handful of further. Since Switzerland has introduced a hundred years ago and the proportional representation electoral law, the green Triumph now without example.

“With this historic result, we had never expected,” says Rytz in an interview with SonntagsBlick. “We expected six, maybe seven additional seats.” The more you will be happy of this Signal of change, which inspires the former niche party duly self-confidence. The President: “We now play in a League with the CVP and the FDP: That’s a completely different situation.”

conspicuously reticent

The League, on the Rytz as alludes, is that of the Federal Council parties. The clear election victory, in Spite of the Green but conspicuously reticent when it comes to the crucial question: when to hold, because the catchment in the state government? Rytz said: “it is Clear that we have a claim. The result of this election can not be simply shelved.”

But the Group’s Chairman, Balthasar Glättli (47) made the point that The Greens have the obligation, to attempt conversation with the other parties to find a majority for a new magic formula with green the Federal Council. “If we compete at the Failure of such talks for a Showdown, we need to decide then.” The party is in a Dilemma: Green-representatives stress that it is your nature, incumbent Federal councillors to be deselected. At the same time, the Green disturb has always been to the strategy, incumbent Federal councillors before the end of the legislative change – as it did the FDP and CVP in three Sitting: “That takes the Parliament after the elections, the composition of the Federal Council to adapt,” he Glättli.

If there is a green candidacy on may 11. December comes, the day of the Federal Council election, is likely to target the Green one of the two FDP seats. Currently, the liberals are over-represented in the voters share of 15.1 per cent with two members in the Federal Council, – while the Greens since Sunday, at 13.2 percent, but not in the state government are represented.

A green Federal Council? Prefer not to

Whether a green Federal Council is possible, depends on the voting behavior of the CVP. Because the predicted total crash in the elections failed to materialize. Officially, the CVP does not set yet: “First of all, we want to wait for the second ballot for the Council of States,” says General Secretary Gianna Luzio (39). “Before the Federal Assembly is not elected finally, don’t we participate in speculation.”

The official language, Despite some in the CVP group is of the opinion already. A green Federal Council? I’d rather not. “The Greens need to only prove that you can confirm your current strength,” said Nationalrat Martin Candinas (39, GR). “The Parliament is, in my view, not ready to be a previous Federal Council in the upcoming General elections to deselect.” And party colleague Alois Gmür (64, SZ) adds: “It is not the kind of CVP, President of the Federal councillors to be deselected.”

The deselection of Christoph Blocher from the Federal Council twelve years ago, had been for some in the former group, is an exception. “But then, we have seen how this has poisoned the atmosphere to the commissions.” Federal councillor Karin Keller-Sutter (55) for his group, untouchable, continues Gmür. “And the Ticino Ignazio Cassis we cannot opt out, because I’d decided to fight back.”

protect the help of SVP national councillor Roger Köppel

The FDP can be practically since the first projections no stone unturned to defend Cassis. First, agreements with other parties to run. The Green to be driven, from the outset, the desire to attack it. And the address of the CVP there are blatant threats.

“The CVP must consider well, whether you join in,” says the FDP Council of States Damian Müller (34, LU). “Such a game does not forget the Parliament; such a thing would damage the Institution is solid.” Similar to FDP-Nationalrat Hans-Peter Portmann (56, ZH) is expressed. “It should help the CVP now, the magic formula to abolish, can you assume that your seat in the Federal Council a majority coalition in a possible future right-of-way.”

Unexpected support, however, the Greens were already on election night. SVP national councillor Roger Köppel (54, ZH), said that a green Federal Council was justified in view of the result. The majority of the right-wing party sees this differently, but Köppel is not with his attitude in the group alone: “A Green in the Bundesrat? Why not. Worse than it is now, it can’t be,” says, of all things, SVP national councillor Andreas Glarner (57).

The Aargauer hard-liners, emphasising that this was his personal opinion. He pushes but: “The SVP has, at the time, certainly too long at the cat’s table waiting.”