shops Closed, home office and social Isolation – not a topic the people more than the Corona pandemic. For the first time, discovered the Virus by the end of 2019 in China, but in the meantime it developed to a global pandemic.

suffering While some Infected under severe symptoms of the lung disease, others remain asymptomatic and are finally immune to further infection.

A population study of the Helmholtz centre for infection research (HZI) will now provide information about the Rate of immunized people in Germany to be able to better determine.

antibody Test as a solution

so Far, have been able to demonstrate the available Tests, whether or not the active Virus present in a patient and for symptoms is responsible.

But U.S. researchers suspect that many people are already infected and immune to the Coronavirus without symptoms such as cough or fever. to be able to

the immunity rate of the people a better understanding of entwickeltenUS researchers a Test, with the antibody to the Coronavirus can be detected. These antibodies are present only after an infections in the blood.

This Test could have a great importance for the health system – people who are already immune, could be used in the treatment of infected people and, thus, the risk of spread to take better control of.

the Planned population study in Germany

by Using the developed Tests also Germany tried to gain an Overview of the proportion of active infections and immunities.

The Helmholtz-centre for infection research (HZI) in Braunschweig, Germany, is planning a population study with more than 100,000 donors.

With several partners in the project, you will investigate the donated blood for antibodies and could provide, through their study crucial information about the immunity rate in Germany.

the results of The study could lead to immunized people to a change in the restrictions.

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