The FIA today announced that a settlement has been reached in order to taken in to carry out, as well as an adaptation of the F1 rules and regulations to do so.

a variety of ’emergency response’, as well as the adaptation of the F1 regulations by the World Motor Sport Council, be approved and that the FIRST is faster to react and make decisions.

speeding up decision-making to everyone, whether they agree with it, that’s what the next few weeks and months will be necessary if we were to have a F1 calendar for to 2020 would come from. The FIA president, Jean Todt, the changes are more power, and more vigorously and faster decision-making with respect to the season of the year 2020.

< br / > Article 1.3 has been added so that the articles may be amended by a 60 per cent support from the team. Because of this, there may be more flexibility with difficult circumstances and dealt with it. However, later on, the approval of the World Motor Sport Council, will be necessary.
– Deletion of section 5.5 in which the FIA and the Formula 1 calendar to be able to establish, without which the F1 teams, with the prior agreement.
the Article in the leopard (10.5) that the changes to the tests to be done.
– added the shutting down of the manufacturer of the power units (section 21.10, and 21.11)
you can Change the number of Power Unit elements, such as the number of matches decreases (section 23.3).
– a Ban on aerodynamic development, in implementing the europe 2020 strategy, the rules and regulations of the 2022 (as of Saturday, the 28th of march).

The FIA had also known that the introduction of the new F1 regulations, the official will have to be postponed to 2022. The Dual-Axis Steering (DPS) which allows the Mercedes during the F1 wintertests suddenly still, as from 2021, is prohibited.

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