The Festival St. Peter at Sunset, at a glance, What the Festival of St. Peter at SunsetWann3. July – 7. July 2019Wo Kestenholz, Site of the chapel of St. Peter head liner Adel Tawil, The Gardener & The Tree, and Tom Odell, Veronica FusaroMusikrichtungRock, Indie, Indie-Folk Line-Up and the program

in Addition, confirm with the organizers of the five-day Open-Airs the last Acts of the festival, both from the Singer-Songwriter-corner: Tom Odell plays on the same night as James Morrison, Veronica Fusaro occurs before the Foreigner & The IP Orchestra. In his most famous work, he builds text scraps of Michael Jackson and Prince, Bob Dylan and David Bowie, Prodigy and Depeche Mode. His two band projects I + I, as well as The Boyz come before it.

Adel Tawil as the Headliner of the festival

The Song “Lieder” by Adel Tawil on Youtube, he has nearly 70 million clicks – turns to memories. It triggers something, even the largest iceberg he can heat up. There’s no question that the music of The 40-year-old Berliner is capable of at his listeners to trigger the big emotions. Often the human is in the foreground, you imagine yourself when Listening to his Pop Songs in the arms, as in the case of “Is somebody there”, another huge hit by him. Now Adel Tawil is soon there, at the Festival St. Peter at Sunset: On Friday, 5. July 2019, entranced the audience at the Open-Air concert in Kestenholz, SO. The son of a Tunisian and an Egyptian father is known, he inspires with his lyrics to Think about, but not much joy to be sprayed. Festival chief Roland Suter draws on another song title to Express his joy over the dedication of the expression: “The appearance will be “different”, the atmosphere intimate. Adel Tawil is known to seek to be close to the audience. Us an unforgettable evening!”

all The more so, as the first Band on Friday, not only brings a whole lot of Talent, but also Charisma to the stage: The Gardener & The Tree, the Indie-Folk band from Schaffhausen, Manuel fields, Patrick Fet, Daniel Fet, Patrick Muggli and Philippe Jüttner. To read music, learned the five young men. This is not necessary. You feel the music.

Wednesday, may 3. July 2019Mark Knopfler Thursday, 4. July 2019Schlagerabend with XXclub, Nik P, Maite Kelly and Howard Carpendale Friday, 5. July 2019Adel TawilThe Gardener & The tree Saturday, 6. July 2019Tom OdellJames Morrison Sunday, 7. July 2019Foreigner & the IP orchestra Veronica Fusaro

What you need to know about the Festival?

The Festival St. Peter at Sunset is regarded as a pearl in the Mediterranean country. The site with the stage in addition to centuries-old chapel and a mighty oak, and the gentle Jura hills in the Background, over which the sun sets, is unique. The ambience is neat, The view of the stage is excellent – the vast majority of the 4000 people have seats, the food is not at all how Festivals used to. With a Snack that has nothing to do with that, it is not served with plastic plates and Cutlery. And above all: Despite the Simplicity of the five-day Open-Air events, big names of the music scene on the stage. Sometimes The World Of The Stars.

Tickets and organization

The Festival St. Peter at Sunset is a leading cashless payment. The organizers have opted for the tried and tested System of ticketcorner. Anyone who wants to, can make the wallet while visiting a concert in the evening at home. Instead of cash, the visit to pay for visitors to your food and drinks at stands with the Cashless card that you get sent when you purchase the Tickets by Post. Who has already secured Tickets, the cards in the spring will be sent with all the information. At the Festival there will be a so-called Cash Points. This visit can also charge visitors to the Cashless card with cash and the remaining balance can be refunded. Tickets can be purchased here.


The concert ticket is valid on the day of the event as a ticket for the return journey from the SBB railway station Oensingen to Kestenholz station “Village”, take bus number 505 of bus companies of Olten–Gösgen–Gäu.
If the weather is good fee-based Parking is available next to the concert grounds. In case of bad weather, the industrial site in Oensingen and Kestenholz. (Shuttle Service for travel to and from the industrial site Oensingen and the Parking, to Kestenholz.) Parking fee for cars: CHF 10.00 per how to get there

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