even Though our feet will carry you through life every day, we give you often too little attention. But during the cold days you need a lot of care and Affection. Because climatic stress factors, such as the cold air outside and the warm heater air inside, for dry skin in the Winter. So it’s time for a pampering session, so that our feet make in the summer in open shoes a good figure.

The-Nail-Bar-managing Director, Florence Stumpe (43) recommends these three basic steps.

1. Scrub

moisture is the key to supple, soft feet. A cream can also move in right away must first the old layer of skin. A scrub can help. Stumpe is recommended to exfoliate once in a month, the feet “That encourages cell renewal, facilitates the absorption of the care products and reinforces its effect.”

2. Feet, apply lotion

anyone Who has not every night Lust, his feet thick put the cream on, heed this tip: stand with your feet go twice a month before you sleep with very dry skin once a week, with a thick layer of cream and wool socks. The cream can move in over night and you Wake up with baby soft feet.

3. Pedicure

The expert also advises twice in the Winter to the pedicure, i.e., callus removal, cuticle and nail care. “I recommend a professional pedicure, so that the cornea is completely removed. Also, it is very tedious to make at home, a good pedicure,” says Stumpe.

4. Cornea removal

For those who care, nevertheless, prefer to your feet, skin, Florence Stumpe an important tip to horn distance: “I recommend to beginners is always a manual callus file. Electric, although simple and fast, mostly they are used too often and incorrectly, and thus have a reverse effect: The cornea comes back even faster.”

5. The right care-select products

the feet carry us throughout our entire lives. In order to remain healthy and beautiful, you need lots of maintenance. Here they are – the exercise for your feet.