the Demonstration the activists of the movement “Black life is important” do not cease in Oregon and its largest city of Portland since late may, when such actions erupted throughout the country after the murder by police officers of African-American George Floyd. During this time, protesters burned several buildings, including the office of the police Association of Portland, and has actually taken control of the building, located in the Federal court and justice center.

the Suppression of protesters is a competence of the States. But governors from the opposition to the President of the Democratic party, flirting with the black electorate, in the opinion of the head of the White house, did not show sufficient hardness. That is why Washington has sent to guard Oregon located in buildings of Federal agencies, and other objects consolidated group of special troops of the Ministry of internal security, the U.S. marshals, Customs and border protection and U.S. Secret service.

Representatives of specified Federal agencies immediately noted the hard and working methods. So, one of the protesters last week was shot in the head with a grenade, tear gas, sending the 26-year-old white guy in a coma where he is still in critical condition. Even more, the local community was outraged that the brigade of the security forces-the feds move to Portland in the form of unmarked cars without license plates, grabbing activists on the streets without explanation and immediately taken to the courts.

as a result, the Ministry of justice of the Oregon decided to sue the actions of the us feds. According to voyennomu Saturday suit, “the United States government Agency charged with the illegal order in violation of the civil rights of the citizens of Oregon by capturing them and holding no apparent reason.” The attorney indicates a violation of the first, fourth and fifth amendments to the U.S. Constitution and ask the court to issue an injunction, which “immediately stop the illegal actions of the Federal authorities for detention of Oregonians passing through”. Clarifies that a criminal prosecution threatens all officers, feds, violating the constitutional rights of Americans. From them are now required to introduce themselves and explain the reason for the detention of citizens.

recently, the Governor of Oregon Kate brown asked the feds to leave Portland, calling it “a flagrant abuse of power by the Federal government.”

This turn of events puts Washington and President of the trump faced a difficult choice: to order to continue the suppression of protests in Oregon and to appear before long and risk causing serious reputational damage to the legal battle with state authorities. Or moderate political appetites and withdraw Federal forces from PortlaNDA. The latter is clearly not consistent with the mood of Donald trump on the final restoration of order throughout the United States. But the closer the date of the November US presidential election, the more urgent becomes the task.

American rapper Kanye West has registered as a candidate for U.S. President in the election Commission of Oklahoma. Reportedly, a black entertainer has submitted all the necessary documents and paid the registration fee in the amount of 35 thousand dollars. The actor also indicated that he will represent party Birthday Party, what can be translated as “birthday Party”. However, so far it is unknown whether West, which actively supports the head of U.S. companies SpaceX and Tesla Elon Musk really participate in the November US presidential election.

Today is the national ranking of Kanye West, according to a poll of company Redfield & Wilton Strategies, is only 2 percent. Leadership in the presidential election campaign with a rating of 48 percent firmly holds the candidate of the democratic party of the USA Joseph Biden. For the re-election of the current American leader is Donald trump ready to give their votes for 39 percent of U.S. citizens.