In the capital management of Federal registration service told about the measures that will protect yourself when letting or renting of an apartment to rent. This writes the Russian newspaper.As recalled by the Agency, in order to protect yourself, you must sign a contract for a term of years, it needs to be registered in the Federal registration service, who will lead his legal expertise. States that submit an application to the Agency must within one month after signing the contract, you will need to pay the state duty in the amount of 2000 rubles.

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In addition, experts recommend to check documents of the parties, for example, through the service of the Ministry of interior to see if there’s a passport in the list is invalid. In the agreement it is also important to correctly specify all the information about the apartment. As emphasized by experts, the document should be information about the owner of the property, payment of rent, the maximum number of inspections by the landlord and other nuances.In Rosreestr noted that fraudsters often exhibit the leased apartment for sale or sub-lease, so landlords for the first time after the rental worth checking out listings.

In addition, when signing the contract in addition to signing, you should leave and decryption, making it difficult to forgery, if it tried to do the Scam, concluded the Agency.