The federal and state governments agreed on a nationwide 49-euro ticket on Thursday. This was announced by the chairwoman of the conference of transport ministers. Financing has been agreed.

The successor to the 9-euro ticket is available: the federal and state governments have agreed that a nationwide valid 49-euro ticket should come out in January.

The federal government will provide 1.5 billion annually for this from 2023, it is said. The aim is for funding by the federal states to be the same amount. “The federal states are willing to co-finance under the condition of an agreement on the regionalization funds.”

Federal Transport Minister Wissing welcomed the agreement. Now the MPK still has to agree in October. “The ticket should come as soon as possible,” said Wissing (FDP). In addition, it should be completely paperless. “We want a push to modernize local transport,” Wissing continued.

The ticket should be a subscription ticket. It will be renewed automatically and can be canceled monthly. “We are also reducing the complexity of the tariff structures,” said Wissing.