A Swedish teenager is making waves in the Swiss policy. Since Greta Thunberg (16) mobilizes the youth for the protection of the climate, to win the Eco-parties. In several cantons there came to the left of slip, Civil suffered losses, the proud Zürcher sense of liberty lost one of the seat of government to the Greens.

And in the autumn national elections! While Christoph Blochers SVP serves as a last Bastion against the “climate Hype”, the FDP-President Petra Gössi (43) another way: The Board felt that with the 120’000 members of the party with a detailed survey of the pulse.

Last Sunday was the deadline for online participation: 14’198 feedback arrived at the GFS Bern survey. Key findings landed on Friday at selected FDP officials – and the Sunday views.

it is Undisputed, therefore, with a 78 percent approval of the FDP is to be used in the future, “the General” more for the climate and the environment.

The state is supposed to be the judge

The willingness for government intervention and laws in the economic party is remarkably high. In terms of concrete measures, this means that 68 percent want to promote CO2-free transport on the street; and 69 percent are in favour of more stringent emission limit values, 81 percent of FDP members are for more climate protection in education. After all, an overwhelming majority of 86 percent of liberals also stresses that you should private foster economic models.

all the people in the political and highly competitive transport dossier is the desire to slip the base of the Party exponents is particularly evident: 77 percent of FDP members of their party, that they should do more in this area for the protection of the climate. So 73 percent of the simple FDP members even call a flight tickets are expensive. A majority of 58 percent, is for a new CO2-steering levy on fuels. Mobility Pricing, i.e. higher prices in strong and lower prices in low demand in public TRANSPORT, a salute to 53 percent. “Out of love for Switzerland” was the FDP Slogan once. Today, it would mean “for love Of the planet”.

a key factor in the survey are data on the objectives of the Paris climate agreement: The reduction of CO2 emissions by half by 2030, a broad acceptance of 77 percent. And 60 percent of FDP members are in favour of Switzerland compensates for its emissions of greenhouse gases, mainly with Ökomassnahmen in the domestic market. As a reminder: In the national Council of the CO2 act failed, not least because the had mastered mind against a ticket tax as well as a CO2 reduction in the domestic.

top water for Gössi

The results could be for Gössi for liberation. As you announced in February via the “Tages-Anzeiger” a green course correction, followed by loud criticism from the own ranks. Vice-President Christian water fall (37) about schnödete on Twitter against Gössis manoeuvre; suddenly, the Boss seemed lonely – and for the losses at the ballot box responsible. Now the question arises: Had politicized the Federal house group in the large chamber at the base over? Both the party President as well as Secretary-General Samuel Lanz type on request covered; it is not external to an ongoing internal process.

the Decisive factor is the 22. June, when the party internal monitoring group shall submit to the delegates of your position paper should arise until then because of the data. Then it will show how sustainable is Greta’s influence.